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5 Companies Doing Their Part During The Pandemic

The world is facing an unprecedented crisis. Businesses have shut, employees have been laid off, schools have closed down, and hospitals are overrun. We’re now in the midst of a global pandemic spurred on by the spread of Covid-19.

But while life everywhere has taken a strange turn, there are those determined to counteract the harm caused by recent events. They are stepping up to the fight against the virus, spreading positivity and compassion while looking after those in vulnerable positions. Here are 5 businesses and employers who are doing their part during the pandemic.

Dyson | Saving Lives Through Innovation

The well-established brand, headed by British inventor Sir James Dyson, is putting its innovative spirit to good use. As such, it’s quickly become one of the leaders in the fight against Covid-19. 

Responding to a call from the NHS in the UK, the company began designing a new state-of-the-art ventilator at break-neck speed. While it could take another couple of weeks for a prototype to be approved and to pass stringent medical tests, the government has already placed an order for 10,000 units from the manufacturer to fulfil its urgent demand. 

A ventilator could spell the difference between life and death for critical patients, and this device is currently in very short supply across the world. Many other manufacturers have responded to the government and NHS’s plea to provide more units of this life-saving device. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that innovation through the invention of new devices or improvement of dated technology could play a massive role in slowing the pandemic.

Morrisons | Supporting Employees Through Hardship

The UK’s supermarket giant took a laudable stance when it came to protecting and supporting its staff. 

On Wednesday the 18th, they announced the launch of a ‘hardship fund’ for staff facing financial challenges as a result of the outbreak. They also said they would guarantee the pay of any staff members who were sick or who had otherwise been affected by Covid-19. Their plans don’t end there. They’ve also looked into making shifts and holidays more flexible. On top of all this, they became the first British firm to decide to pay suppliers immediately to help its smaller stakeholder businesses maintain cash flow and stay afloat during the crisis.

LVMH | Prioritising Hygiene Over Fashion 

The luxury fashion conglomerate is setting a new trend this season, but it has little to do with handbags or shoes. Instead of churning out fragrance bottles for Guerlain, Dior, and Givenchy, its factories will be producing something a little different over the coming weeks.

In a bid to help French hospitals fight the Coronavirus, the multinational has donated over 12 metric tons of hydroalcoholic gel (or hand sanitiser) to public hospitals across Paris. In addition to this, it plans to add two new production lines in its factories located l’Oise and Chartres dedicated to making more of the disinfecting gel to keep up with demand.

It’s not the only company now dedicating manufacturing facilities to making hand sanitiser to combat Covid-19. Scottish distillery BrewDog, the Estee Lauder group and other firms are now following suit.

Pret | Putting a Cheer Back in The Step of Front Line Workers

Pret’s response to the pandemic was a simple yet heart-warming gesture. During the early stages of the crisis, they sent out a tweet declaring that all NHS workers in the UK would be entitled to a hot drink and 50% off all food. Other food retailers were quick to follow. Of course, the enforced Covid-19 government lockdown has since led the food retailer to close all 400 of its UK stores along with many other competitors. While Pret is still providing takeaways at this time, they have also ensured that any leftover excess food in its shops goes to those in need, as per its ongoing model of corporate responsibility. 

Cera | Providing Opportunities and Building Futures

Home care company Cera is one of the many employers now looking to hire additional workers in the UK to keep up with the demand created by the crisis. But while they’re looking to hire over 10,000 new workers to provide immediate relief to NHS workers and the elderly, they’re not doing so flippantly. The care provider has made it clear that new hires won’t simply be temporary and intend to make these new positions long-term. They will also provide training and certification for new hires to become qualified professional carers. In doing so, they’re not only providing those recently put out of work with a new job but also an opportunity to transition to a new career successfully if they so choose.

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