How to Recruit a Diverse Workforce

Before we dive in with the top benefits of having a diverse workforce, we have to wonder; how many people still don’t see the value in having one? The most prominent issue our clients raise today is the difficulty of successfully achieving one. 

A whole host of researchers, including the likes of McKinsey & Co, have revealed that diversity in the workplace is proven to make an organisation more effective, successful, and profitable. Yet building a diverse workforce isn’t easy and comes with more challenges than we often first realise.

So, how can you get it right? Here’s how;

Consider the wording in your job advertisements

The purpose of a job listing is to attract exceptional talent to your employment opportunity. Yet clients frequently struggle with the lack of diversity across their applications pool.

Writing a job spec might seem like a straightforward exercise, but choosing the wrong wording can significantly influence the type of candidates you receive. The layout of the listing and the way you promote your employer brand can also contribute to certain candidates being put off by (or attracted to) the job. 

There are several ways to reduce unconscious bias in your job description. A number of free bias decoders exist online that you can run your job description through, such as Gender-Decoder.com. Also, ensure you have several people check over the job listing before publishing it live to ensure you’re appealing to a broader range of applicants. 

Hide identity aspects from applications

Blind recruitment is a proven method to reduce unconscious bias from the hiring process. Personally identifiable information (such as name, age, gender, and education) is removed from CVs before being passed onto those who have been tasked with candidate screening. The exercise aims to focus entirely on the candidate’s suitability for a role, creating an even playing field from the offset.    

Avoid ‘quick hires’

Many businesses offer internal employees incentives to refer suitable candidates for their open positions. If an employee introduces an applicant (often a friend, family member or an old colleague) who is successfully hired into the role, they’re provided with a generous reward (such as additional remuneration). 

Of course, ensuring new hires fit in with your current team is important, but we’d suggest steering clear from this tactic when workplace diversity is a problem. While it might speed up the recruitment cycle, these hires most often lack diversity. 

Open the position up to international candidates

Expanding your search across international seas can vastly widen the type of talent and skillsets found in candidate pools. Tools such as LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions can help you target specific locations or alternatively, you can reach out to local universities and colleges that have a strong international presence. 

Finally, consider your employee branding

We’d suggest turning your focus inward too. What is life like at your company? Workplace policies and culture can help appeal to a more diverse range of candidates so it’s worth exploring what policies you should amend or introduce.

It’s also great to drive awareness of company perks when promoting your employer brand. However, ensure it suits every type of candidate and not just one. According to Ideal, the most desired company offering is a strong work/life balance. 

A multifarious organisation benefits from a wider pool of knowledge and skills, empowering them to tap into more than just one type of client or audience. Leonid Group Ltd are experts at sourcing the strongest candidates in the jobs market; on an international level and from a range of backgrounds.

Want to learn more about how to hire a diverse workforce through recruitment? Leonid Group Ltd ensures your talent pool is multifarious from the very first steps of the hiring process. We act as a trusted advisor in the entire recruitment cycle to ensure the onboarding process is seamless – from how to appeal to specific candidate types to hiring on an international level.
To get advice about your diversity strategy, request a free consultation with our recruitment experts today by calling +44 (0)20 3958 7484 or email us at hello@leonid-group.com.

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