Our CEO, James Mitchell is available for retention for high level strategic and sensitive executive searches. Global remit.

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The Leonid Offering

Our solution to your recruitment challenges


We take the guesswork out of talent on-boarding by providing pre-defined timelines of delivery. This allows a seamless transition of handover between your elite team, ensuring minimum impact on the business.


By conducting the search, we become the shopfront of your business. Leonid Elite searches are conducted exclusively by our CEO James Mitchell. James has a decade of experience recruiting up to Director, CXO, and Partner level, and will ensure professional representation of your brand.


Hiring at a Senior level can be sensitive, and not news you would like publicised. We operate privately and have pre-made NDA contracts to protect your information.


It’s integral for your business leaders to promote the ethos and culture of your business. James will ensure we find that perfect mix of cultural & technical fit.

Day 01


We have an in-depth discussion to understand your business, culture, and specific needs so we are best placed to attract market-leading talent.


Day 14

Activity Report

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

We provide you with feedback on your business/offering from the candidate market; salary benchmarking, progress reports, and challenges.

Day 30

Shortlist Due

We have a tailor-made solution to aid your decision-making process and improve efficiency. Introducing ‘Leonid Live’: our unique tool to ‘bring candidates to life’.


Day 30 - 59


Interview the best fitting candidates, face to face or using our Leonid Live technology (for international clients).


Day 60

Reference Checks and Offer

We take references on your behalf, and advise honestly on the offer, to ensure you procure the candidate(s) you want.

Start Date

Start Date

The best thing about this?

We can predict the notice period of the candidate, so from day 1, you will know the anticipated start date, allowing better forward planning for your business.

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James Mitchell supported recruiting for one of my previous companies. He dedicated his whole self to his role and always went the extra mile to find the perfect match between job descriptions, candidates and long term expectations on both sides, the company and the individuals.
Hiltrud Werner - Volkswagen AG Board Member, Integrity & Legal Affairs
We started working with Leonid in 2018 to help us staff our growing business in the UK. One of the key roles has been to hire a new Managing Director for our UK branch, and Leonid did a great job given the very competitive niche market we are working on. They managed to source great candidates and made the whole process very efficient, and we ultimately found the perfect profile for the role.
Antoine Abbatucci - FI Group, Country Manager

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