Employment Warning Signs

The Pandemic Could be a Great Time to Find a New Job as Long as You Watch Out for These 6 Things

Covid-19 is putting everyone’s lives into sharp perspective. From our careers to family commitments to how we manage work-life balance as well as our wellbeing, there’s a lot to reflect on during this time. While there is no getting around the fact that these are deeply uncertain times, they could present the perfect opportunity to make a career move. 

If you’re considering changing jobs, now could be a great time to do so. However, with any new job search, it’s important to do your due diligence, something that’s even more important given the latest global crisis. Many companies may appear to be hiring right now, but without any serious intent to bring new employees on board. 

Here are 6 employment warning signs to watch out for when conducting your job search to determine whether or not a company is serious about hiring right now. 

6 indicators that a company isn’t serious about hiring 

They take a long time to get back to you

It’s been weeks since the interview and you haven’t heard a thing. So you decide to follow up, and you get a reply to the effect that they think ‘you’re great’ but they just need to get ‘budget approval’ or ‘sign off’ from senior leadership. If the silence continues after this, chances are they aren’t very serious about hiring you right now.

The job ad gets re-posted

If the job posting is still up, or gets re-posted after you’ve had your interview, this is a definite sign they’re not interested. Furthermore, if you’ve discussed a salary range with them, it’s often a sign that they’re trying to hire cheaper talent. 

There’s little follow-through 

Perhaps they’ve asked for your references but have yet to contact them. Or, they’ve told you they’re preparing an offer letter (and that was weeks ago). These are all signs the company is being flippant about hiring. Moreover, it shows they may have commitment issues within their culture (backlink to culture article).

The recruitment consultants aren’t on retainer 

The recruiter’s relationship with the client can offer very tell-tale signs about the company in question’s commitment to hiring. If a company has the recruiter they are working with on retainer, this is a really strong sign that they are serious about hiring. If they have sent their request out to multiple recruitment agencies, and aren’t paying these upfront, then it’s a sure sign they aren’t very committed to the idea of hiring. 

No one is calling your recruiter back

Your interview went flawlessly, but now the recruiter you’re working with can’t get a hold of anyone at the company. As per the previous point, not only is this a sign of a poor relationship between the recruiter and company, it’s a sign the company isn’t invested in actually hiring at this moment in time.

There’s no end in sight to the hiring process

You’ve already jumped through countless hoops and yet they’re coming up with more for you to conquer. You’re exhausted by the endless road of ‘pre-employment’ exams, PowerPoint presentations and utterings of ‘there’s just one more team we’d like you to meet’. You’re beginning to feel like a consultant that’s working for free instead of getting a job.

While it’s important to be vigilant for employment warning signs, don’t let this put you off making a move to something better. Do adequate research and seek out the support of an expert consultant to help make your transition a smooth one.

At Leonid, we’re experts in R&D Tax, Innovation, Technology and Corporate Governance recruitment. That makes us industry experts who are well-positioned to help guide and advise you. We’re there every step of the application and selection process to help you place your best foot forward. All our clients are on retainer, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing we only work with companies that are serious about hiring. Get in contact today to find your next role.

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