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Tough interview questions: why do you want to work here?

“Why do you want to work here?” It’s a frequently used question in interviews, but one that candidates often feel puzzled by. You’ve applied to the job, you’re here at the interview – surely it’s obvious why you want to work there? For some, this, out of all of the common interview questions, is the most frustrating and pointless of all. 

Actually, the question reveals a lot about your potential as a candidate. It helps the hiring managers get a sense of;

  • How you would fit in with the company culture
  • Your motivations and career ambitions
  • Whether you’re looking for a long-term profession within the company or using the job as a stepping stone.

In this blog, we reveal how to ace your response to this frequently asked interview question.

How to construct your answer

You’ll want to touch upon these two points;

  1. Why you are interested in the company
  2. Why you are interested in the job.

Don’t worry, we’re going to break down exactly how you can prepare for both parts of the question below.

“Why are you interested in the company?”

Before interviewing for a job, you can find out a lot about a company’s corporate culture by doing a search online. Many companies proudly advertise the kind of environment they’re setting out to achieve, whether it’s on their website, LinkedIn or Glassdoor. This is your chance to assess whether you feel the corporate culture is aligned with your preferences too. If it’s a good fit, you should mention this to the employer and explain why.

Other aspects to look into are the company’s business goals, products, industry challenges, and history. You should feel comfortable discussing any of these at a top-level basis.

Finally, carry out a quick google search for media coverage. If they’ve had positive news published recently, it’s likely to be something they’re proud of. Bringing this up will show you have done your research and have a genuine interest in the business.

How to talk about the job role

Ultimately, the reason why you’re in this interview is that the employer wants to know whether you can do the job. However, you want to show that you are excited about this particular role – be careful not to appear as if you’re opting for “any job you’re qualified for.” 

A great response will always sneak in information about the responsibilities of the job, showing how you are qualified to do them justice. You may finish with, “besides, it’s much easier to enjoy and feel motivated in your job when you’re good at it!” 

Finally, consider why they should hire you

Analyse the job description, considering every bullet point. What exactly are they looking for? How does your experience match (or exceed) those requirements?

Always think about what you can offer the employer that no one else can. Perhaps it’s a combination of a positive, can-do attitude with a unique skill set that will allow you to thrive both in the position and within the company. Remember to bring this back to why you want to work there. For example, the company has a culture that you believe will allow you to develop specific talents.

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