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Remote Recruiting: How to Hire the Right Candidate From Home

We’re living through a time of uncertainty and rapid change. Whether due to specific events or simply the growing Work From Home trend, many companies are going remote. However, working from home doesn’t have to harm your productivity. In fact, it can be a great way to increase it. From getting things done more quickly to finally getting the time to work on de-prioritised tasks, there are many benefits to remote work. And that goes for remote recruiting as well.

If you’re looking to go down the remote recruiting road, then know that there are many things you can do to make the process a great experience for your team and your candidates. From advertising to screening, assessing and interviewing candidates, there’s a lot you can do online. Here are our top tips for doing it well.

Use technology to your advantage

Your remote recruitment project will be more successful if you learn to master the technology at your disposal. When hiring remotely, there are a number of potential complications, from scheduling mishaps to getting time zones or candidates’ documents mixed up. Video conferencing software, online assessment tools, and features such as Leonid Live all exist to make the remote hiring process a more smooth and efficient experience for all parties involved.

Hone your video interviewing skills

As you won’t be physically face-to-face with candidates, video interviewing is the next best way of getting to know them. That makes it a crucial part of the remote hiring process and therefore, a tool you should get comfortable using. If you’re not used to being in front of the camera, it’s worth practising your video call skills before sitting down in front of candidates. A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Set yourself up in a quiet room where you won’t be interrupted
  • Do a technical check (speakers and microphone) before starting the call
  • Make sure the interview invite sent to candidates includes all relevant dial-in details
  • When the call begins, immediately check in with the candidate to make sure they’re able to see and hear you
  • Ease the interviewee into the call with a light rapport building chat

Make room for collaborative hiring in the mix

Just because you’re looking at a remote recruiting process, it doesn’t mean you should exclude the rest of your team from the process. Known as collaborative hiring, taking a team approach to the hiring process will allow you to unearth a candidate’s skills, experience, and personality a lot quicker. Get the appropriate team members involved as early as you can in the remote hiring process.

Be proactive with job promotion

As most of the world is now online, this is something you should already practise. When hiring remotely, however, it’s even more important to find creative ways of promoting your job. Think about where your ideal candidate may be spending their time online. Is it a specific industry hub with a job board? How about their favourite social media channel? These are all places that a perfect candidate may be eyeballing. As a company, it’s also worth thinking about the following questions:

  • What does my online presence look like? When a candidate searches for me online, what will they see and what impression will they get?
  • How can I best get my ideal candidate’s attention? With an attractive graphic advertising the job on LinkedIn? By being an active voice within the online communities they’re a part of? 

Are you worried about getting the remote hiring process right?

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