Stimulating Innovation

How the Current Pandemic is Stimulating Innovation Across The World

Often, the greatest challenges prompt us to become more creative and innovative. During this time of uncertainty and upheaval, we’re celebrating some of the most ingenious and creative examples of new thinking to have come out of the Covid-19 outbreak, and the manner in which it’s stimulating innovation. From unmanned flying drones to microbe zapping robots and wristbands that vibrate every time you try and touch your face (keep those hands away!), the world is filled with brilliant ideas that can assist us in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Virus Zapping Robot | Denmark 

It’s perhaps the most ‘sci-fi’ invention on this list, but the demand for this virus destroying robot has skyrocketed since the outbreak. The self-driving machine can navigate hospital rooms where it detects and kills microbes with a flash of ultraviolet light. It is the culmination of six years of hard work and collaboration between a University in Denmark and Blue Ocean Robotics. Now, each robot takes less than a day to make and is being shipped as far as China to rid hospitals and other places of care from organisms perpetuating the pandemic.

Drive Through Testing | South Korea

Who would have thought the drive-thrus at Starbucks and McDonald’s could serve as inspiration for innovation during this crisis? Yet this is precisely what happened in South Korea, where this low contact testing model was devised. Decreasing face-to-face interaction through social distancing is crucial to flattening the infection curve. So health officials decided to replicate the drive-thru model to provide testing facilities that would keep both testers and testees safe and separate. The whole process takes minutes from start to finish and doesn’t require passengers to exit their vehicles.   

Anti Face Touching Wristband | USA

Aside from stimulating innovation for new inventions, many existing technologies have also been repurposed to battle Covid-19. That includes this next device, dreamt up by Seattle-based brothers Joseph, Mathew and their friend Justin. The young inventors, fresh out of college, had already designed a wristband that reduces compulsive nail-biting, hair pulling, and picking. They’ve now adapted the design to create a smartband, Immutouch, which buzzes every time a wearer’s hand goes near their face. They created a website along with 350 of the new devices all in under a week in response to the early fatalities experienced by their home city. 

Supply Delivering Drones | Japan

When the Wuhan quarantine began in late January, Japanese company Terra Drone petitioned to provide support directly to the epicentre of the crisis. They set about gearing up their RA3 and TR7 drones to deliver medical supplies and materials between Xinchang County People’s Hospital and Xinchang County’s Disease Control Center. Automatic and entirely unnamed, this air delivery system significantly reduced contact between personnel. It’s also improved the speed and efficiency of delivery, so much so that transport is now quicker by 50% compared to when it was done by road. 

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