Swiss Tax Reform

What the Swiss Tax Reform means for Global Businesses

Switzerland is one of the world’s most advanced free market economies, and has consistently come first in the Global Innovation Index. The changing geopolitical climate between Switzerland and the EU has led to significant taxation reforms; most notably (for us), the first ever direct fiscal innovation incentives initiative.

This is an acute move from the Swiss on a few levels; not only does it comply with the aforementioned geopolitical pressures to conform and align themselves with the EU and OECD, but it will inevitably draw back multinationals who may historically of outsourced activities to jurisdictions offering more generous relief structures.

Leonid Group has produced a whitepaper for our clients, to highlight an opportunity. Switzerland is home to a plethora of industries; banking and finance, industry, trade, agriculture, and of course those wonderful watches! There will inevitably be a shortage of expertise in the Swiss market to process all the demand. With a decade of experience recruiting in Switzerland, Leonid are well placed to work strategically with our clients to help them enter and compete in this opportune market.

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