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What to Look for in a Great Talent Acquisition Partner

Attracting the best talent starts with choosing the right talent acquisition partner. While that may seem as simple as picking up the phone to local recruiters, there’s a lot to risk in choosing wrong.

Working with a recruiter who doesn’t understand your company, industry, or how to work effectively can result in a poor impression on top talent or a recruitment process that wastes time and money. Furthermore, it could also do significant damage to your brand reputation.  

Whether you’re looking to attract internal talent, outside candidates, even consultants or freelancers, a talent acquisition partner who takes the time to understand your business and industry will increase your chances of winning over exceptional candidates. After all, everything starts with talent. 

A reliable hiring partner will own their role and deliver on the quality you expect. Here’s what to look for in a great talent acquisition partner:

Complete alignment with your company and its culture

Good hiring isn’t just a matter of finding a candidate who’s the right match for the role. It’s crucial to attract future employees who will fit into your company’s brand and culture. Are you a fast-paced working environment requiring individuals who are just as dynamic? Perhaps customer care, loyalty or transparency are key to your business.

No matter what culture you have, a talent acquisition partner needs to not only understand your company values but act in complete accordance with these. That not only results in better hiring but will also ensure your unique values, message and reputation get conveyed at every stage of recruitment.      

Excellent industry knowledge and understanding

The ideal talent acquisition partner should have a solid understanding of your company’s industry. Experience and knowledge go a long way in terms of sourcing the best talent for the role. A recruitment partner that’s abreast of key trends, topics and predictions will be able to adapt to the needs of your company should the landscape change. 

Whether it’s a new tax reform or the effects of global phenomena such as the recent pandemic, a recruiter who’s familiar with your industry will be in a much better position to pinpoint the expertise that is crucial to your new hire.    

In-depth understanding of the role and its requirements

One of the most significant contributors to high employee turnover comes down to poor fit. A candidate who gets hired but doesn’t fulfil all the elements of their role can cost an organisation time, money, and increased hiring and re-training costs if things don’t work out.

An experienced recruitment specialist will take the time to understand what requirements a specific role entails and then source candidates who meet and exceed these. They’ll then only put the best candidates forward, ensuring time isn’t wasted during interviews on candidates who are wholly unsuitable.   

Consistent communication; reliability 

Recruiting for any new role should be treated as a project, and therefore managed as such. In order to ensure you don’t waste valuable time and money, there need to be deadlines, consistent communication between parties and a clear method or process.

There is a significant difference between working with a recruitment specialist who is reliable, an excellent communicator, and process-driven. Lapses in communication, delays in sourcing and scheduling in candidates and disorganisation risk turning off potential hires and pushing them in the direction of competing firms.

Care for and commitment to finding the best candidate

Finally, a great recruitment partner will always be committed to finding the best candidate for the role. They’ll be less concerned about meeting quotas and sales targets just for the sake of it. Instead, their entire focus will be on getting their clients the best result possible and helping them to invest in candidates for the long run. 

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