Filling a niche trade compliance role in record time

The Situation

Agilent, a leading life science business, enlisted Leonid to uncover a hidden gem within the niche field of export controls, to be based in Germany.


Export control is an area of trade compliance where skills are in high demand and the availability of qualified candidates is relatively low.  Life science companies operate in a highly regulated, complex compliance environment across many geographies that are subject to strict trade and financial sanctions.  So, finding someone with the right skills and experience was a challenge we relished.

Agilent chose to work with Leonid based on our knowledge and understanding of compliance and specifically the export controls space. Although the role was based in Germany, this was no barrier to recruitment as we were able to draw upon an extensive international network to source the best possible candidates for this role.


In line with our Magic Month methodology, the entire process was completed within 30 days and with clear deliverables successfully met at each stage. As such, Agilent always knew what to expect from us, and when.

Mark Jordan, EMEA Global Trade Director at Agilent, shares his thoughts:

“There were three key differences with Leonid: the speed of the end-to-end process, the quality of the candidates and the simplicity of Leonid’s streamlined process.

The initial discussion on candidate profile and salary range was detailed and as Leonid specialise in recruiting within trade compliance, it was much quicker than usual. Their knowledge of what the expected salary range would be and salient points around working patterns were most helpful.”

Within two weeks, five candidates were presented to Agilent, all interesting, all qualified and the accompanying CVs, summaries and interviews available through LeonidLive were high quality, with right amount of detail. There is usually significant churn with standard processes – but not with Leonid. The video interviews are a fantastic idea and give you a great feel for the candidate’s personality.

I would absolutely recommend Leonid to others. The quality of candidates proposed, speed of end to end process and ease of working relationship were all excellent. Leonid clearly care about all their candidates and understood what Agilent was looking for.”


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