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We specialise in R&D tax and Corporate Governance recruitment and this niche focus enables us to be true subject matter experts.

We take a true partnership approach and work as an extension of our clients’ in-house teams. We work on a retained search basis only - more detail on this can be found futher down the page.

What’s more, we offer two services as standard which make the recruitment process faster, smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved:


We work on a retained search basis. In other words, our clients pay us an up-front fee before we embark on a candidate search. There are two further payment stages, the final one is only due once the candidate has successfully completed their probation period with you.

Why do we do this?

We believe that the traditional ‘contingency’ recruitment model is flawed; paying only one a placement has been made simply does not work in the best interests of the hiring company. Instead, we take a true partnership approach; acting as an extension of our clients’ own in-house talent acquisition team to deliver exceptional service and the highest levels of candidate care.

To understand the benefits of the Leonid approach versus contingency recruiters, we have produced this simple guide to help you understand the differences.

For more details on our fees, please contact us for further information.