ESAB Corporation

ESAB Corporation

ESAB: Building out a Global Trade Compliance Function


The Brief

ESAB, an international manufacturing business, approached Leonid in 2021 to help build out its global trade compliance team. They were looking for a trusted partner which understood the trade compliance landscape and which could deliver effectively across multiple geographies.

The Challenge

Leonid’s first brief with ESAB was to fill three senior roles simultaneously, across three countries: the US, Germany and The Netherlands.  We were also enlisted to recruit two positions which were highly technical and required a data analytics background, in addition to solid trade compliance experience.


We have successfully filled 100% of the roles for ESAB within the agreed timeframe, and on an exclusive basis, as set out in our Magic Month methodology. We were able to deliver three senior hires across three countries at once, ensuring that all deliverables were met at every stage; this meant one Leonid consultant managing and supplying three separate video shortlists of candidates within the same week.  The client was very happy with the results and went on to find their ideal recruit for all of the open vacancies.

For the two roles focused on data analytics, we took time to understand this niche and spoke with Subject Matter Experts to make sure we understood which qualifications really mattered. It was an unusual request to seek out candidates with this level of niche expertise, but we rose to the challenge.

To date, we have completed five mandates across four countries and we anticipate a long and successful partnership with ESAB.


What did the client think?

“Leonid makes the whole recruitment process so much simpler for the employer. They become a true partner to us throughout by listening carefully to what we need. Leonid’s consultants are very knowledgeable of our specialised space; they understand our business culture and what is required of the role.

I have never experienced anything close to the ‘Magic Month’ with other recruitment firms. This model consistently delivers two desirable outcomes: high quality candidates and a predictable timeframe for the hiring process. The team is very well connected and has a trusted and vetted network of talent which they can draw upon.

Leonid’s way of working is genuinely different to standard recruitment firms. Their level of organisation, proactivity and project management is excellent, from start to finish.”

 – Lexia Krown, VP Global Trade Compliance, ESAB

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