Frazier & Deeter

Frazier & Deeter

The Challenge

Frazier & Deeter LLP. is a US based CPA firm specialising in the mid-market sector. The challenges they have faced with talent acquisition include:

1. Finding a talent acquisition partner with specialist knowledge who could source senior candidates with a combination of the right industry background and tenacity for innovation.

2. Sourcing top candidates across multiple branches in the US within a short period of time.


Leonid has played a pivotal role in the growth of the R&D tax credit function.

We supported Frazier & Deeter with the hire of one R&D Tax Principal and one R&D Tax Technical Consultant.

Leonid’s ability to understand the culture of the firm and its offering enabled us to headhunt the top talent available on the US market from competitors.

LeonidLive enabled us to deliver video shortlist submissions to Frazier & Deeter on day 15 of the Magic Month. Candidates were presented along with 5 minute video interivews, for the hiring manager to review.

One exclusive dedicated delivery manager focused solely on the Frazier & Deeter briefs. As a result, Leonid built a solid rapport with the hiring manager and their team, enabling us to gain a deeper understanding of the team culture and identify the right candidates faster.


Leonid were able to utilise our industry knowledge and extensive resources to find the right candidates within the US market.

Through the Magic Month service that offers predefined timelines for delivery, Frazier & Deeter’s dedicated Leonid consultant guided them through the process, ensuring deadlines for reviewing the shortlist were met and that the candidates were appointed within one month.

Unlike the candidate-led approach of traditional recruitment firms, Leonid’s client focus meant we were able to spend a greater amount of time ensuring we understood the unique brand proposition of Frazier & Deeter and communicating this understanding to our candidates.

The client said:

"A selection of highly qualified candidates were submitted through LeonidLive in a short time-span, enabling us to fulfil the position within one month."

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