How Weatherford adapted its hiring strategy in response to market changes



Leonid has been working with Weatherford International – an energy business – on an ongoing basis, to help build their Ethics & Trade Compliance department from Global Head to Analyst level around the world. In addition to entrusting us with a range of roles to recruit, Weatherford sought our advice, as it switched up its hiring strategy to respond to rapid changes in the market.

The Challenge

Weatherford’s salaries had typically been very competitive, but post-pandemic, they initially struggled to hire good talent. They also needed to fill a key role of APAC Trade Compliance Officer and were unsure where to focus their efforts when starting the search. As such, they wanted a recruitment partner who could really act as a true partner and add value to their hiring strategy.


We provided salary benchmarking data to Weatherford, along with our own market observations, which led them to adjust their offers, in order to be able to attract the very best talent.

When searching for their new Chief Compliance Officer, we suggested that making remote working an option would significantly increase their chances of finding the best person for the role, which they did, and it subsequently proved to be successful.

For the APAC Trade Compliance Officer, we advised Weatherford to concentrate their recruitment efforts on Singapore – where there is good availability of highly qualified and experienced compliance professionals – and Kuala Lumpur, with its strong defense industry presence, which makes a good hunting ground for trade compliance.

Having made these adjustments to their hiring strategy, Leonid was able to successfully fulfil a number of key compliance roles across the UK, Europe, Middle East, US and APAC.


What does the client think?

“Leonid's methodology and approach to recruitment is highly effective. I unreservedly recommend them - they are the best on the market"

Scott C Weatherholt, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Weatherford

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