Innovation Incentives

Innovation Incentives

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Innovation Incentives

Subject matter experts and champions in promoting the R&D Tax Credit and Grant Funding industry. From educating and introducing graduates to the industry, up to Director level.

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The Leonid Offering

Our solution to your recruitment challenges


When growing a business, time is of the essence. It’s essential to be reactive to the opportunities that come your way, and for your departments and teams to scale simultaneously. We take the guesswork out of talent on-boarding.


Protecting your brand reputation within the job market is pivotal in order to be able to attract the best talent. We understand the importance of professional and ethical representation, whilst maintaining your brand ethos/image when prospecting talent.


Matching candidates to your culture and company values is important. We make it our business to understand the required traits that fit to ensure maximum talent retention.


All consultancies differ in their USPs and how they structure their technical and financial teams. We take pride in promoting the R&D Tax job market to high calibre candidates new to the industry from different backgrounds (IT/Software, Engineering etc). We also have an excellent network of experienced R&D professionals.

Day 01


We have an in-depth discussion to understand your business, culture, and specific needs so we are best placed to attract market-leading talent.



Day 07

Activity Report

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

We provide you with feedback on your business/offering from the candidate market; salary benchmarking, progress reports, and challenges.


Day 15

Shortlist Due

We have a tailor-made solution to aid your decision-making process and improve efficiency. Introducing ‘Leonid Live’: our unique tool to ‘bring candidates to life’.



Days 16-29


Interview the best fitting candidates, face to face or using our Leonid Live technology (for international clients).



Day 30

Reference Checks and Offer

We take references on your behalf, and advise honestly on the offer, to ensure you procure the candidate(s) you want.


Start Date

You knew this from “Day 1”

The best thing about this?

We can predict the notice period of the candidate, so from day 1, you will know the anticipated start date, allowing better forward planning for your business.

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Leonid has always displayed a genuine interest in and nuanced understanding of our vision and growth plans. They have helped us to anticipate our recruitment needs going forward, pre-empt capacity deficiencies and be proactive in our hiring strategy, rather than reactive.
Adam Kene - Managing Director, Kene Partners

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